»With Sword And Soul«

Hello there,

thanks for all you lovely comments! They mean such a lot!

I think everyone of us knows these kind of people that try to make you feel bad with things they say and do, though you haven't done anything, never really spoke to them. It's sad what a boring life these people have. Years ago I asked myself why they behaved like that and I took a lot of this to heart. But the opposite is what everyone should react like. Today I'm smiling because they really think they matter to me, they think they have the power and place in my life to make me feel bad. Sorry girls, you don't... Nothing of what you say or do can hurt me.

"Don't worry about regret or guilt, 
'cause I never knew your name". 

Why do I write this, if I don't care, you ask?
Because I know that there are a lot of people out there that suffer from the shit these people say and do, and though they might not read it, the imagination of maybe showing at least one person that they're not alone with this is enough for me to write this.
Hope you like the next part of the trial-shooting!

Model: J.Anders
Location: Studio Bremerhaven, Germany
Styling/Make-Up/Photos: Janine, me



  1. I like the first two pics. Looking forward to your final shooting. The last one shouldn't be monochrom. I'm proud of you! Go on!

  2. D: Did something happen recently to make you post about people putting you down? 'Cause I'll f*ck 'em up with my 1'58 height. Inspiring words, as always~<3 You rock, Janini. (<- newnicknameftw)
    And Jenni looks marvelous. >w<

  3. Wahnsinns tolle Bilder *.*

    Würde mich über deinen Besuch auf meinem Blog freuen :)

  4. ^ Laura
    Kampfhamster! Du schaffst das!
    (wenn nicht, springe ich auch für dich ein ^^ )