»We will be rising from the ground, like skyscrapers«

Hello there,

THANK YOU SO SOOO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS! They mean so much to me, for real. A year or two ago some people laughed about my wish to become a fashion designer, even my teacher laughed when I said I wanted a new sewing machine for Christmas( She asked me, so I answered). WHAT?! Just because I didn't want a new iPhone XYZ123?! So what, at least I won't become a grumpy old teacher with God complex, thank you very much.
(To be honest I'd love to tell that 80% of the girls in my school)

I could make a DIY-tutorial for that one, if you like
I've been pretty productive today, as if my head said "use the last two days of mental freedom"(before school's starting again). I so do not want to go there again, because I won't have much time left for things I really want to do, designing, sewing, photographing and blogging. Whatsoever, I finished two tops, a vest and a bag plus some accessory(the flower, shoulder pads with feathers, hair band, a ribbon etc.
Maybe I'll make some pictures of them before the trial shooting on Saturday. We'll be shooting for 6-7 hours, this will be exaggerating , but we'll have so much fun!
(I painted the sugar skull in the photo during that workshop that sucked so much, remember? I told you about it in "ILLUS_TRASH_IONS")



  1. ich liebe Amerika,daher besonders dein top :)


  2. I LOOOVE the song. =) Reminds me off luke conard or ingrid known as missglamourazi =D

  3. So schöne Tops.
    Ich liebe deinen Blog. (:


  4. XD I love the way you diss Jabba.
    The skull is so amazing!!!! x.x
    Great job! <3

    ~Please add the toturial! c:

  5. Echt klasse Post! Bin echt begeistert von deiner Arbeit!
    Wenn ich wieder Geld habe bezahle ich dafür das du mir Blumen in anderen Farben machst! Und ich brauche einen Beutel !!
    Das American shirt wird bestimmt super wirken auf den Fotos!!
    und , ach ja, ich schließe mich Jenni an; was Jabba angeht :D

  6. Vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar! :)

    Schöner Blog!