The grown-up "Little Mermaid"

The little mermaid is grown-up now. She can walk, she can talk, she cut off her hair and cute became seductive.
Model: L.Young(again)
Styling/Make-Up/Photos: Janine(me)

I HOPE YOU LIKE THE PHOTOS!!! Write me your opinion, I'm looking forward to it.

I didn't forget the DIY-flower-tutorial btw, I'm photographing at this moment! It'll be on the blog tomorrow at 14:00, I let blogger self-post it at exactly 14:00 :)



  1. Waaah. >w<''''' I can't believe that's meee~ Teehee. Wonderful work, especially the phrase at the top. I like that. 8D

  2. wunderschöne bilder!


  3. ahh! this is wonderful!!! I love black and white photos and this has the perfect texture. I personally love the first one better because its more sensual and soft. Awesome blog!

    check out my blog @ alwayspictureperfect.blogspot.com

  4. Great work! I like the first one more because I like the way the hair looks. The hair seems to have kind of a reddish touch. I actually even used a color-analysis-tool to find out whether there is some color in the pic or not. Cool Title and phrases too, rounds it perfectly off.

  5. I love the pictures. Even the weird fabric looks amazing on them. Wasn't it in a violet tone? Now it looks black. o v o
    And because of her red hair, she reminds of Ariel. <3 Adorable!

    PS: Why didn't Shane comment yet? ;0

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments!!!

    ²Sebastian: I left a bit of colour in the pics, so one can see the red touch of the hair :D <3

    ²Jenni: thanks *-* Yes, it was blue and looked pretty crappy. Had I known what fabric he meant, I'd have brought my own one with me D: Because Shane is a big douchebag :'D No, but he liked it on facebook :)