Off To Hambourg, My Love

"There's a drumming noise inside my head that starts when you're around..."

Well as you can read in the headline, I'm off to Hambourg now. I'll be back on Thursday with new postings and hopefully something woirth telling you ;)



Hello there,
these pieces of artsy trash were the result of two weeks in an leisure time academy and it was a complete waste of time! Whatever...


Inspiration- Mood Board

Hello there,
because the phots of what I am currently sewing aren't yet so great, as everything is still in the process of sewing, I decided to show you parts of my inspiration-mood-board. I love the pictures, but I do not own them!

All of them are pictures I cut out of magazines years ago...

I'll probably update again tomorrow and show you all the results(illustrations/drawings) I did in the last two weeks. Stay tuned!


a million sunsets, a million dawns

 Lace Cardigan by BeautéNoir, Shooting June 2011, model J.Anders

a million suns, a million moons,
a million dawns, a million noons,
a million nights, a million stars,
a million fights, a million wars


Chiffon Dress Sketch

I finally arranged the fabric pieces in the chiffon dress sketch.
What do you think?



My illustrations inspired by Dior's make-up trends fall/winter 2011


»Wedges Love«

Hello there,
picture by Shoe Fashionista
as I already wrote yesterday, I'll show you my new "babies" today, my new wedges. I thought it would be way more difficult to walk on 14cm, but actually they're even more comfortable than my sneakers! The only "negative" thing about them is that they arise attention, a lot of attention, especially in my town. Plus I already am 1.75m by nature.
I bought them here: http://shoefashionista.com/
It's a British online-shop that fortunately delivers internationally. The delivery to Germany was very quick! I'll definetely buy more shoes there, because there just so many more I'd love to have/wear.


It's never over, 'cause it's inside of you.

Hello there,

you know, sometimes there are moments I really doubt myself and what I do. There are these moments I feel so goddamn uncreative and think I shouldn't become a fashion designer. And I think I'm not the only one who sometimes feels like that, but somehow it's always getting better. There will be another breakthrough of creativity after the drought and there will be sun after the rain. And in the end this is what I want to do, this is what I freaking am. This may sound melancholic, but well...that's what it is, life, isn't it?
But as strange as it might sound, I came to the conclusion that most of a person's creativity comes from pain and his/her past. That's what I saw in many of my friends and people I met.
It's just so overwhelming when you think about the fact that every single one you see on the street has his/her own life, history and future. It's just so huge that I can't even realize that. And the pity of all this is that many people's talents and thoughts remain unspoken or better said unheard forever, because noone listens to them, noone is interested in them. A girl of my class made me finally realize that. I never took greater notice of her, she was kind to me, I was kind to her, but that was it. One day she told me she writes poems and I was astonished, because I hadn't expected it. And her poems were really good and that day I started to think about what is inside of other people and suggest what talents they might have. Of course you can't think about this all the time, I don't do so as well, but from time to time it's worth it , I think.
By no means does that mean that I don't categorize people, everybody does it, but I question a lot more things than before.
Coming to the actual topic I wanted to write about, I'm really busy at the moment creating more and new shirts. Two of them are on the picture, I hope you like them, though they aren't quite finished yet.
Also did my wedges arrive. the black pair already arrived on Tuesday, but now the red one is here as well! They are so pretty, I love them. I'll show them to you tomorrow.
Sorry, if there are some typos, I re-read it, but it's late, so there will probably be some...


The Beauty Of Venice II

Hello there,

here is the second part of the pictures I took in Venice. I've never seen any other city that magical. There is a special light in Venice that makes everything prettier a million times and though the city has a whole lot of history it seems so pure and innocent somehow, even in the darkest alleys...

Venice is magic, dreams and purity.

Giveaways Selection

Hello there,

via http://mojomade.blogspot.com/
as some of you might have noticed, I started another blog, which is linked in the sidebar. It's called "Giveaways Selection" and all fashion giveaways I find AND like are posted there so you can easily take part in many raffles without searching for a long time.
I already posted some really cool giveaways from other bloggers. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!



In Chains

Hello there,

I've been very busy in the last few days... But now I want to show you what I am doing when I've a little spare time... Not only is the picture on the top a necklace I made in arts class, but this will also go with the next shooting, which will be with all the shoulder pads. I haven't had time to sew some more of them, but I already bought a lot of things for it, the chains e.g.

I'll post the 2nd part of "The Beauty Of Venice" tomorrow.