American Hysteria Preview

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I'm so sorry to haven't posted for two days by now, but I just hadn't any time left to write a worthy posting, because of school. I really just finished my arts project, I have to hand in tomorrow, a few minutes ago. School only just started again and I'm drowning in work.
However, yesterday I worked on some of the Trial-shoot-photos (from 23:00-01:00 D:) and I have a little preview for you of what is coming in the next posting. The keywords are in the headline: 


It's the part of the shoot with the "American Top" I created. I hope you like the preview picture. I'd be happy to read your opinions in the comment section. :)
Model: L.Young ; Styling/Make-Up/Photos: me    

"Oh it's her again?" Yes, I really love, adore, and appreciate her. Thanks Laura♥
 And what I also love, adore and appreciate is that I'm having a lot of new readers, yay! I hope you like the postings so far. Leave me a comment with you opiion and maybe your blog-link?




Hello there,
here is the promised tutorial for the fabric flower I showed you in CLICK
First of all I need to say that this is an tutorial I made, because I couldn't find one with a result I liked. There are millions of other tutorials, but not exactly like this. I created the pattern myself and came to like it that way. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope I'm explaining it well...

Fabric, the lighter the better( chiffon is perfect, but I'm using old curtain fabric for that one)
sewing needle
pins(if you do it for the first time, I'd recommend pins!)
thread (1x the color of you fabric, 1x gold or yellow for the seed beads)
yellow seed beads (approx. 30 for a medium-sized flower)
music&patience <3

(you can create stencils first, if you like)
Draw the shapes on you fabric& cut them out.
Basically it's just a leaf-like shape (needed 5x), a large strip with two semicircle-ends (needed 3-4x) & a smaller version of that stripe (needed 4x). The bigger you cut them out, the bigger the flower gets. 

Tack(sew loosely with large stitched) one half of each piece and leave over a short piece of thread on each side. Now you pull the thread so the fabric is fluting like in ruffles. Knot the ends and do the same with every piece. Now you have the petals.

Take the white thread( or whatever colour you chose for your flower) and sew together the petals in "circles". Attach each big petal to another big petal. Do the same with the smaller version of the petals, but not with the smallest! You attach them to the flower piece by piece later.

Having the two "petal rings" finished you sew them on top of eachother, but be careful: one shouldn't see the thread when you look at the front of the flower.

Now you add the smallest petals piece by piece in the middle of the rings and sew them tightly. Take 1 small petal for each part where two petals of the second ring come together. Attach the 5th small petal in the middle, sew tightly.

Now we create the "stamp" with the seed beads and the golden/yellow thread. Start of with knotting one seed bead to the thread. Then you thread 5-8 seed beads on the golden/yellow thread and  fix them by sewing one up one down along the just threaded seed beads. Thread the next 5-8 seed beads and connect them to the other seed beads with the thread. Do so until you think you have your "stamp" reads. 

 You only need to attach either a safety- or a bobby pin to the flower.



The grown-up "Little Mermaid"

The little mermaid is grown-up now. She can walk, she can talk, she cut off her hair and cute became seductive.
Model: L.Young(again)
Styling/Make-Up/Photos: Janine(me)

I HOPE YOU LIKE THE PHOTOS!!! Write me your opinion, I'm looking forward to it.

I didn't forget the DIY-flower-tutorial btw, I'm photographing at this moment! It'll be on the blog tomorrow at 14:00, I let blogger self-post it at exactly 14:00 :)



»With Sword And Soul«

Hello there,

thanks for all you lovely comments! They mean such a lot!

I think everyone of us knows these kind of people that try to make you feel bad with things they say and do, though you haven't done anything, never really spoke to them. It's sad what a boring life these people have. Years ago I asked myself why they behaved like that and I took a lot of this to heart. But the opposite is what everyone should react like. Today I'm smiling because they really think they matter to me, they think they have the power and place in my life to make me feel bad. Sorry girls, you don't... Nothing of what you say or do can hurt me.

"Don't worry about regret or guilt, 
'cause I never knew your name". 

Why do I write this, if I don't care, you ask?
Because I know that there are a lot of people out there that suffer from the shit these people say and do, and though they might not read it, the imagination of maybe showing at least one person that they're not alone with this is enough for me to write this.
Hope you like the next part of the trial-shooting!

Model: J.Anders
Location: Studio Bremerhaven, Germany
Styling/Make-Up/Photos: Janine, me



Like Smoke On The Water...

Model: L. Young ; Styling/Make-Up/Photographer: Janine(me :D)

These are the first pictures of the shooting. Remember that it was a TRIAL-Shoot, so we basically just tried some techniqual things and poses. Hope you like it anyway.



Tomorrow's Trial Shooting

Hello there,

It's not even 1/8 of what we take with us D:
well let's say I feel pretty weird right now. On the one hand I'm totally over-excited about tomorrow and on the other hand I'm pretty annoyed because of all the stress there is because of it. It's so hard to consider another photographer's ideas when they don't quite match your own ones, but you need to, as you need the studio and the equiptment. We have tons of outfits for tomorrow( not all of them are designed by me!!!) and even more other equiptment to take with. The best part is: I haven't even got a car! So basically I can carry all that stuff there in some suitcases. AWSOME! Not...
Anyway we'll have loads of fun tomorrow and I won't even care about all the things that are freaking me out, because I'm with the girls, tons of make-up, clothes, accessory and shoes and besides: we'll get some cool photos.
I hope you're all doing well! Thank you so much for all your comments. They make me so happy everytime I see them.



»We will be rising from the ground, like skyscrapers«

Hello there,

THANK YOU SO SOOO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS! They mean so much to me, for real. A year or two ago some people laughed about my wish to become a fashion designer, even my teacher laughed when I said I wanted a new sewing machine for Christmas( She asked me, so I answered). WHAT?! Just because I didn't want a new iPhone XYZ123?! So what, at least I won't become a grumpy old teacher with God complex, thank you very much.
(To be honest I'd love to tell that 80% of the girls in my school)

I could make a DIY-tutorial for that one, if you like
I've been pretty productive today, as if my head said "use the last two days of mental freedom"(before school's starting again). I so do not want to go there again, because I won't have much time left for things I really want to do, designing, sewing, photographing and blogging. Whatsoever, I finished two tops, a vest and a bag plus some accessory(the flower, shoulder pads with feathers, hair band, a ribbon etc.
Maybe I'll make some pictures of them before the trial shooting on Saturday. We'll be shooting for 6-7 hours, this will be exaggerating , but we'll have so much fun!
(I painted the sugar skull in the photo during that workshop that sucked so much, remember? I told you about it in "ILLUS_TRASH_IONS")



Hello, My Vintage Lover

Hair&Make-Up& Photographer: Janine
Model: L.Young
Location: Bremerhaven (GERMANY)



Models, Photographers... Fashion

Hello there,

oh my fashion
rain, rain, rain and oh, did I mention RAIN?! The weather here in Bremerhaven (Germany) is a catastrophy. It's like they just skipped the summer and immediately turned to autumn. My summer holidays are almost over and just now everything is coming at once. With my registration at http://model-kartei.de/ as a photographer, there are lots of cool things I can do. A professional photographer for example booked me as a stylist for her shooting next week and in return she will shoot some of my clothes with the professional models: I AM SO EXCITED!
Then another photographer asked me to do a co-operation thingy soon with my clothes in his studio! I wouldn't even need to pay for the studio, how amazing is that? And I haven't finished yet. I'm currently designing and sewing a costume for a friend of my brother's for his fire show and in return he'll give me his albino python for a shooting in the studio. This is so cool! The models are almost as excited as I am...
Coming to "models", at the moment I am "casting" some for the next shooting and there will be a "trial shooting" as soon as the weather is getting better. And somehow in between I find the time to sew another blouse with puffy sleeves and shred shirts, draw and blog. I have no idea how this will go on,when school is starting again, especially because it's my A-level year...
But one thing is for sure: Noone can ever stop me!




Hello there,                                                               
 as one can tell from the headline and the pictures I had a creative break out yesterday night, or better said today early(very early) in the morning. Slowly it's getting a "DIOR 2011 FACES"-Collection on my door, haha. No, but seriously, I forgot to paint that one, although it's my favourite of them all... I Hope you like it.
Then I found something my brother gave me ages ago for Christmas and I used it to sketch the cape I want to create. Ink& quill are such good drawing tools, I love the ink-effect. Concerning the cape: Yesterday I already orderen tons of black and haematite bugle beads to apply on the cape when it is sewed.



The Fire In Your Eyes

 Hello there,

wow, I haven't been posting sketches for a while! So now you get a special one. It's a viscose-satin dress. The reddish brown parts arre viscose and the beige ones are satin with snake skin applications. No snake died for that sketch, promised! As you may know snakes get themselves a new "coat" every four weeks, they moult. I hope you like it. Leave me your opinion below, I'd be happy about it. Coming to snakes I have an amazing announcement: We'll be shooting with  an albino python as soon as I have decided which dress I create and shoot.  

Floral Intensity

 Hello there,

coming back to the mentioned "article", or rather photo series, "floating flowers" in German Vogue 08/11 by Karl Lagerfeld.
Unfortunately I'm not allowed to show you all the pages/pictures due to copyright infringement, but I can give you a small taste of what I'm so stunned by. Quoting the description they chose for the series(translated into English):
"Otherworldy beautiful.
With a historic technique Karl Lagerfeld creates
still lifes of mystic intensity "
 I can't describe it in a better way, he does. It seems as if the roses in the pictures came to life again while you are sitting in front of the magazine. It's incredible. This technique is patented, kept a secret and only used by some well chosen photographers. This technique is a handwork that is older than a century by now. 

Take a look at them, if you can, they're fascinating!
Heck, if that posting wasn't commercial, I don't know...


Three Things For The Train

Hello there,

I know I said I'd write a posting two days ago, but I needed to clean up the mess in my room, because my rabbits broke out of their "territory" while I was in Hambourg. And not only did they shred my favourite red handbag, no, they made my whole room a mess. D:

Anyways, here are the three things I had with me on the trip to Hambourg.

Money, Music and the (German) VOGUE.
The German 08/11 VOGUE is so inspiring and wonderful that I already read through it a million times. Not only the sensual photo series with Claudia Schiffer by Miles Aldrige, but also the article  "The six most exciting German fashion designers" and the interview with Helena Bonham Carter are definetely worth reading.
Though I think they are all inspiring in their very own way, I especially liked Karl Lagerfeld's photographies in "Floating Flowers" with that unique technique only used by some chosen photographers. But I'll tell you more about them in the next posting, in case you haven't got/read/whatever the 08/11 German Vogue.