Hello there,
here is the promised tutorial for the fabric flower I showed you in CLICK
First of all I need to say that this is an tutorial I made, because I couldn't find one with a result I liked. There are millions of other tutorials, but not exactly like this. I created the pattern myself and came to like it that way. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope I'm explaining it well...

Fabric, the lighter the better( chiffon is perfect, but I'm using old curtain fabric for that one)
sewing needle
pins(if you do it for the first time, I'd recommend pins!)
thread (1x the color of you fabric, 1x gold or yellow for the seed beads)
yellow seed beads (approx. 30 for a medium-sized flower)
music&patience <3

(you can create stencils first, if you like)
Draw the shapes on you fabric& cut them out.
Basically it's just a leaf-like shape (needed 5x), a large strip with two semicircle-ends (needed 3-4x) & a smaller version of that stripe (needed 4x). The bigger you cut them out, the bigger the flower gets. 

Tack(sew loosely with large stitched) one half of each piece and leave over a short piece of thread on each side. Now you pull the thread so the fabric is fluting like in ruffles. Knot the ends and do the same with every piece. Now you have the petals.

Take the white thread( or whatever colour you chose for your flower) and sew together the petals in "circles". Attach each big petal to another big petal. Do the same with the smaller version of the petals, but not with the smallest! You attach them to the flower piece by piece later.

Having the two "petal rings" finished you sew them on top of eachother, but be careful: one shouldn't see the thread when you look at the front of the flower.

Now you add the smallest petals piece by piece in the middle of the rings and sew them tightly. Take 1 small petal for each part where two petals of the second ring come together. Attach the 5th small petal in the middle, sew tightly.

Now we create the "stamp" with the seed beads and the golden/yellow thread. Start of with knotting one seed bead to the thread. Then you thread 5-8 seed beads on the golden/yellow thread and  fix them by sewing one up one down along the just threaded seed beads. Thread the next 5-8 seed beads and connect them to the other seed beads with the thread. Do so until you think you have your "stamp" reads. 

 You only need to attach either a safety- or a bobby pin to the flower.



  1. total schön geworden! und ein tolles tutorial.
    wegen dem vitam b12, das ist ja auch ein extra "werbepost", auch wenn die thematik, wie erwähnt bei uns tatsächlich aktuell ist.
    lässt du deinen b12 spiegel jetzt bestimmen?
    (falls es dennoch ein guter tip war freut mich das natürlich, unerheblich ist die thematik ja leider wirklich nicht)

  2. Das Tutorial ist total toll! Ich suche schon lange sowas :)
    Schöner Blog ♥
    Liebe GRüße

  3. Beautiful Mexican.. <3

    Thank you for the tutorial, I'll try doing it some day (when I got time D; .. atm school leaves almost no free afternoon). And then I will come to school like that. o v o