Floral Intensity

 Hello there,

coming back to the mentioned "article", or rather photo series, "floating flowers" in German Vogue 08/11 by Karl Lagerfeld.
Unfortunately I'm not allowed to show you all the pages/pictures due to copyright infringement, but I can give you a small taste of what I'm so stunned by. Quoting the description they chose for the series(translated into English):
"Otherworldy beautiful.
With a historic technique Karl Lagerfeld creates
still lifes of mystic intensity "
 I can't describe it in a better way, he does. It seems as if the roses in the pictures came to life again while you are sitting in front of the magazine. It's incredible. This technique is patented, kept a secret and only used by some well chosen photographers. This technique is a handwork that is older than a century by now. 

Take a look at them, if you can, they're fascinating!
Heck, if that posting wasn't commercial, I don't know...

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