Models, Photographers... Fashion

Hello there,

oh my fashion
rain, rain, rain and oh, did I mention RAIN?! The weather here in Bremerhaven (Germany) is a catastrophy. It's like they just skipped the summer and immediately turned to autumn. My summer holidays are almost over and just now everything is coming at once. With my registration at http://model-kartei.de/ as a photographer, there are lots of cool things I can do. A professional photographer for example booked me as a stylist for her shooting next week and in return she will shoot some of my clothes with the professional models: I AM SO EXCITED!
Then another photographer asked me to do a co-operation thingy soon with my clothes in his studio! I wouldn't even need to pay for the studio, how amazing is that? And I haven't finished yet. I'm currently designing and sewing a costume for a friend of my brother's for his fire show and in return he'll give me his albino python for a shooting in the studio. This is so cool! The models are almost as excited as I am...
Coming to "models", at the moment I am "casting" some for the next shooting and there will be a "trial shooting" as soon as the weather is getting better. And somehow in between I find the time to sew another blouse with puffy sleeves and shred shirts, draw and blog. I have no idea how this will go on,when school is starting again, especially because it's my A-level year...
But one thing is for sure: Noone can ever stop me!



  1. how amazing is that? congrats dear!

  2. Congratulation! Hope your clothes will be famous one day. I like your drawing ;)

  3. Looking forward to the albino-shooting

  4. When school is on again, we will all help you so you can continue all those fantastic things! <3