Three Things For The Train

Hello there,

I know I said I'd write a posting two days ago, but I needed to clean up the mess in my room, because my rabbits broke out of their "territory" while I was in Hambourg. And not only did they shred my favourite red handbag, no, they made my whole room a mess. D:

Anyways, here are the three things I had with me on the trip to Hambourg.

Money, Music and the (German) VOGUE.
The German 08/11 VOGUE is so inspiring and wonderful that I already read through it a million times. Not only the sensual photo series with Claudia Schiffer by Miles Aldrige, but also the article  "The six most exciting German fashion designers" and the interview with Helena Bonham Carter are definetely worth reading.
Though I think they are all inspiring in their very own way, I especially liked Karl Lagerfeld's photographies in "Floating Flowers" with that unique technique only used by some chosen photographers. But I'll tell you more about them in the next posting, in case you haven't got/read/whatever the 08/11 German Vogue.


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