Inspiration- Mood Board

Hello there,
because the phots of what I am currently sewing aren't yet so great, as everything is still in the process of sewing, I decided to show you parts of my inspiration-mood-board. I love the pictures, but I do not own them!

All of them are pictures I cut out of magazines years ago...

I'll probably update again tomorrow and show you all the results(illustrations/drawings) I did in the last two weeks. Stay tuned!


  1. Waaah. Agyness Deyn is so lovely. q^q
    Great work, Jani 8DD <3
    You took the crappy thing we got in Art class and turned it into something beautifuuul <3

  2. Echt, Laura :D
    Obwohl ich fände es noch 10 times cooler wenn das Board irgendwie silber oder schwarz wäre :)