I'm still alive, you know...

Hello there,
as you can read, I am not dead, HURRAY!
I haven't been blogging for a few days and I am having a bad conscious about that. The reason for that was that I had so many things I wanted to blog about, but hadn't had any of them finished yet, shame on me. I sewed a lot and started a new "project" to support the doggies in Side(I already told you about that, remember?). I just sewed a prototype of my new shoulder pieces. You can put them on whatever top you like, because they are connected to two safty pins. I have various ideas of shoulder pieces(shoulder pads), but realizes only this one so far. There will be a smaller shooting with all of them anyway...

I hope you like it! I'd be very very happy, if you let a comment on it below...

I bought two pairs of wedges from Great Britain and hopefully, they'll be here in Germany soon. I'm, sooooo looking forward to show them to you!!


  1. Hüüüüpsch!! <3
    Ist das Samt open?
    Es sieht echt voll toll aus! :DD

    Und Glückwunsch zu den Schuhen! xD
    Ich kann es gar nicht abwarten, bis zu sie mal anhast. C:


  2. Danke Jenniii :D
    Nein, das ist Organza ganz speziell behandelt ^^
    Ich werde sie sofort anziehen, wenn sie da sind :D

  3. Coole Sache, Janine :D
    Freue mich irgendwie auf deine Shoes...