Night Lights & Books

Still working on the latest photos of the trial-shoot,
I paused to drive through the night together with my Mum a few days ago.
But unfortunately the photos aren't the only thing I need to work on, to do: 
reading reports...for school. 
I love the books I've chosen for the reports, but I hate wasting my time to write
why I chose them and how the characters develop throughout the book.
one of my favourtie scenes from Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451"


  1. beautiful photos . xx


  2. I like the pics!
    The last one looks so funny, with all the light in the shape of question marks! xD

    I understand your frustration. D; (though it sounds weird, since I'm already a great deal further than you... But I had to invest a lot of time before..D;)

  3. Hammer Fotos! Hab erst gar nicht gelesen, dass die von dir sind. Aufjedenfall ne geile Idee