Just Tonight

"Just Tonight"-The Pretty Reckless
model: J. Anders

Which one do you like best? I'd like to know, because I want one of them to be im my folder for the fashion design school...

EDITED NOTE: As Jenni(model) already pointed out right in the comment section, the cardigan is created by me and, of course, I did the photographing, make-up and styling. 



  1. Second picture. I like all three though @^@

  2. Third one, too.
    (Though it bothers me that the necklace is not in place on the pictures (I know that this sounds pedantic xD))
    PS: you should add that the cardigan is made by you. :3

  3. Note:
    my neck looks scary. o.o I look like a possessed beast or a very muscular man (when just looking at my throat xD). ... I'm sorry for that (but I like the idea of being a very muscular man.. ^-^ though the rest of my body does not quite match.. XDDD).